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One of Graham’s birthday presents was the DVD of Jarhead so we watched it last night. A cut above the average war movie, and strangely compelling, but overall not really bringing much new on top of the likes of Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, and without the black humour of Three Kings. Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx are good.

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We rented and watched Cachorro on Friday night. The English title is Bear Cub and it’s a delightful look at real issues in gay life, as well as being funny and sad and very well acted by the leads, especially the young David Castillo as 9-year-old Bernardo. More at IMDB.

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We unwound in front of Lost in La Mancha, charting the seemingly cursed attempt by Terry Gilliam to film a version of Don Quixote. The trials faced by the crew were as bad as anything encountered by Quixote and Panza.

I didn’t quite grasp Gilliam’s interwoven story with Johnny Depp cast as The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Perhaps it would have made more sense if the film had ever reached the screen.

This would have been a ‘making of’ extra, but has become a moving, funny and human account of an extraordinary project.

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Le Clan

Last night we rented Le Clan. The story is outwardly bleak, but lovely performances by the four leads bring out nuggets of humanity in the face of a grim reality. The photography is excellent, and at times highly erotic, but this is not a piece of soft porn by any stretch of the imagination. Recommended.

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We rented Summer Storm from Blockbuster last night. Graham had already seen it at the 2005 Cambridge Film Festival, but was more than happy to see it again and I can see why. It’s a lovely coming-out story framed around a rowing team at summer training camp. The lead character was beautifully acted by Robert Stadlober, who is apparently a very well known teen movie star in Germany. The role and his story hit several chords with me. Lovely photography and a great sound track (especially Blonde on Blonde by Nada Surf), too. The only slight disappointment was the quality of the rowing, but I guess it’s a tall order getting a bunch of actors into shape in next to no time.

More at the UK official site, the German official site, and IMDB.

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Partnership II and Skin

On Friday night we hired possibly the best film I’ve seen this year: Mysterious Skin directed by Gregg Araki. This is an amazing piece of film making: superb performances from the cast, haunting photography and a story which refuses to let go. Very moving, and very thought-provoking.

Saturday was taken up by more scouting and shopping and thinking for our Civil Partnership day. We’ve ordered rings and we have decided on our evening venue. It’s been lovely doing it all with Graham. The venue-scouting in the evening resulted in a high level of alcohol consumption, though…

So today started sluggishly. A ten mile walk to Teversham only just managed to blow away the cobwebs, in spite of the gale-like winds! We’re trying to get ready for our Peaks weekend with Danny and Malcolm.

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Cidade de Deus

I borrowed City of God from my brother. What a powerful film! Excellent photography, acting, editing and pace all mean that it’s impossible to stop watching the harrowing stories unfold.

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