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Twisted Vision

Chris K arranged a trip to the Greenwich Theatre to see Twisted Vision, directed by and starring his friend from South Africa, Gavin Wright.

Synopsis: Leonard Watkins is successful female impersonator and actor in London. A “diva” on stage but a lonely soul in the privacy of his home. All he wants is to love someone and be loved in return. Confronted one night backstage by Russell Lawrence, a straight stage hand and struggling actor, he is fascinated by this young man. Russell decides to take advantage of Leonard, by pretending to fall in love with him, hoping Leonard’s connections will help establish his acting career. Then Russell meets Natalie Harper. a young reporter, and his journey of self discovery begins with surprising consequences…

The script and the cast were excellent, but sadly the audience was tiny – the ten of us on comp tickets and about ten others. I think a little more publicity would have helped. The only other negative was that most of the South African cast were trying and largely failing to carry London accents.

Afterwards we had a late meal at a Mexican restaurant nearby, where Gavin joined us and the sexy actor playing Russell put in a tantalisingly brief appearance. Suddenly it was time to hot-foot it to the DLR for the last train (actually we had at least three in hand) and then the Northern Line back to Chris and Matthew’s.

On Saturday, after a leisurely breakfast, the four of us (Nicky was visiting from Dublin) headed by bus and District Line towards Kensington High Street, getting as far as Earl’s Court before engineering work jinxed us. On foot we had to ask a local for directions, following her most of the way before she outran us. Our target was Whole Foods Market in part of the former Barkers department store. It’s a wonderland of wholefood and organic produce, an American fusion of health food shop, deli and top-end supermarket, with prices to match. The cheese room and meat counter stood out. It’s not all good though: five yards away from a wall display about the advantages of local food, the fruit and veg department was full of such luxuries as fresh asparagus air-freighted in from Peru. We ate upstairs and discovered (by failing to do this) that the best plan is to buy your lunch from the deli area on the ground floor and take it upstairs, as there is more choice and probably better value than from the cafeteria serveries.

In the evening I went to the George Inn in Southwark(see also Graham’s blog) for John and Andrew’s post-Civil Partnership celebration. It was lovely to catch up with them and to bump into David & Heiko, Ian & Richard and Danny & Malcolm. The buffet was yummy too. Home on a strangely-timed train from King’s Cross which sat at Letchworth for five minutes waiting for its timetabled departure. A fun weekend!

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Anniversary present

Graham arrived last night in remarkably good shape after 25 hours on the go. I met him at Ezeiza international airport and we got a remis or private cab directly back here. We nipped over the road for a late dinner before crashing out.

This means that I had a wonderful first anniversary present this morning in the form of Graham in person in Buenos Aires with me! We spent a very hot morning (32C + 70% humidity = 39C experienced temperature) being tourists in La Boca and San Telmo, before a nice light lunch in the funky Farmacía bar-restaurant.


We’re now resting up having an air-conditioned siesta before our anniversary dinner this evening.

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Lovely surprise

I cycled to the post office depot this morning to collect a package, thinking it was lotion sachets for my new Coolshave razor. So I was delighted to actually bring home a wedding present from Mark and Laura in Seattle. Graham and I opened it together: a card and a hand-painted jewellery box, both with love quotations.

Love is not finding someone to live with. It’s finding someone you can’t live without. – Rafael Ortiz

Big thanks from us both.

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Civil Partnership

Graham’s written a full account of our wonderful day on JetPlane, so I’m just going to set down a few of my personal highlights.

Waking up with Graham and having a cup of tea, knowing that everything was arranged and ready to go.

Getting nervous once we were at Hotel Felix, before anyone else arrived, and Graham calming me down.

The lovely flowers from James, awaiting us at the hotel.

Feeling so proud and lucky with Graham sitting and standing next to me during our ceremony, and holding his hand and kissing him. Turning around to see all our family and friends seated there applauding us was moving beyond words.

Watching everyone have a good time and getting on really well during the meal. Hotel Felix did a wonderful job of looking after us during the day.

Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere at the Grad Pad, and remembering seeing Graham there 15 years ago.

Getting congratulations from Felicity Flappes in the queue at The Dot Cotton Club.

Calling Graham my husband!

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Dessert wines

Debenhams suits as described by Graham, and an excellent tasting of dessert wines. Glorious eiswein but £25 for 0.37cl is a bit dear. The Sauternes was good but I’d rather spend the money on a Balzac. Graham was very taken by the French and Catalan fortified reds, very interesting! The Tokaji was fab too – we might ask Peter and Omar to get us some as a wedding gift.

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Partnership II and Skin

On Friday night we hired possibly the best film I’ve seen this year: Mysterious Skin directed by Gregg Araki. This is an amazing piece of film making: superb performances from the cast, haunting photography and a story which refuses to let go. Very moving, and very thought-provoking.

Saturday was taken up by more scouting and shopping and thinking for our Civil Partnership day. We’ve ordered rings and we have decided on our evening venue. It’s been lovely doing it all with Graham. The venue-scouting in the evening resulted in a high level of alcohol consumption, though…

So today started sluggishly. A ten mile walk to Teversham only just managed to blow away the cobwebs, in spite of the gale-like winds! We’re trying to get ready for our Peaks weekend with Danny and Malcolm.

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Partnership and Serenity

An exciting day yesterday, starting to put things into place for our Civil Partnership. Graham is keeping a record in his Civil Partnership Blog.

Later we went to Vue to see Serenity.
Wow! Loads of fun, taught directing and a strong cast, so highly recommended! On reflection this morning, there’s not much in the way of groundbreaking new ideas in the film, but it all hangs together really well and has a great feel about it.

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