Last night in South America

Another out-of-sync posting, but needs must.

It might be the three pisco sours talking, but I think they’re just making it easier to express my rather emotional state.

Firstly, I cannot go any further without thanking my wonderful husband. Not only did he let me go away for four months while he looked after everything at home, but he gave me the courage to go in the first place, and he came out to Argentina for two weeks in the middle to see me. Graham: thank you. You’re my one in a million.

Secondly, this continent has got under my skin. The people here have a way of making the best of things in the face of adversity and of enjoying life to the full no matter what it throws at them. It’s also a continent of incredible natural richness and diversity, of which my stay has only sampled a few aspects. I hope I will be able to return.

I’m left feeling incredibly fortunate in many ways. If I’d been Peruvian or Argentinian it would have been many many times harder to give up a good job to travel to another hemisphere for four months.

Enough for tonight. When I get home, I’ll finish up the chronological postings, and I’ll try to upload a few more picture galleries from the Inca Trail and the Sacred Valley. ┬íHasta la proxima!

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