Xmas antics

I managed to do all of my Christmas shopping on Wednesday evening, by being very focussed and limiting myself to a couple of shops. The only downside was that my basket in Robert Sayle added up to a frightening amount. It cost no more than it would have done if I’d shopped here and there, but in one transaction…

The rest of the night was spent wrapping everything up and building boxes to send north. I survived only by slowly sipping a lovely half bottle of 1976 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese made by Weingut Albert Gessinger. A gorgeous drop of honeyed riesling, almost 30 years old, from that very hot summer.

1976. I was ten. An amazingly hot summer in the Uk and in Holland. We had great times at the beach in Scheveningen and at an inland lake whose exact location and name escapes me. Hosepipe bans galore in England but I don’t remember restrictions in Leidschendam.

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