Wey Navigation and North Downs

A weekend with Dad & Dawn in Woking. We arrived to a turkey pasta lunch, and had time for a short walk along the Wey Navigation before the beautiful daylight faded to dusk… We gave and installed an early Christmas present in the form of a DVD player which was very well received. I never mentioned that it only cost £25 in Superdrug, but then part of the present was the installation service and tutorial! Dinner was a gorgeous takeaway from a Thai/Chinese takeaway in West Byfleet, before christening the DVD player with the first half of Saving Private Ryan. I’d forgotten how explicit the opening sequences are in their depiction of the horror of the D-Day landings. Salutary watching in between Armistice Day and Rememberance Sunday.

Today we started with porridge, just in case we were hungry. I helped Dad decide where to hang some pictures and how to have them framed. Another walk, this time to Newlands Corner. The weather wasn’t as clear as yesterday but it was still great to see the hills, something sadly lacking around Cambridge. More food couldn’t be far away: a super casserole prepared by Dad during the week, accompanied by a 1993 Chateauneuf-du-Pape. This was a little cold to show much on the nose but still had lots of spicey depth to it. Time for a short power-nap before starting our train journey back to Cambridge.

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