Boat Hopping

We got up scandalously late and had a super breakfast on the boat, followed by a leisurely bath. We wandered over the Amstel to Omar & Péter’s houseboat down the north side of Theater Carré for drinks and nibbles. A lovely, permanent, purpose-built houseboat fitted out in a very smart modern style. Péter and Omar seemed very happy and relaxed.

On to our own boat for a pre-dinner cup of tea with Jan, Chris and Matthew, and then Tempo Doeloe for a superb rijstafel followed by a lovely dessert plate of exotic fruits, sorbets and ice cream. The very hot rendang was amazing: my face turned red in a cartoon fashion and I tried to keep a straight face, but the post-shock flavour and sensation were amazing.

Final boat of the day was Chris and Matthew’s for more drinks and nibbles with the French girls and then the Portuguese-German contingent, and so another late night / early morning.

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