Great North Run

Now that C is in Gateshead, we didn’t have quite such an early start: just a walk down the hill to the metro and a short journey into Newcastle. There was no bottled water at the start: eek! I was gasping by the first drinks station.

This year we made sure that we kept right at the start to go on top of the sandwich motorway rather than down in the depths. The high continued with the Red Arrows flying directly over as we crossed the Tyne Bridge: what a buzz!

C, J, H and I all started together, but after a while H dropped back and later I dropped behind C and J. I found myself running near F for a good part of the race, which was nice. Gosh, it was hot! But none of us died and we all finished. My time wasn’t as good as last year, but I was quite happy with it given the heat and my somewhat patchy training.

Back in Felling we dined on huge amounts of takeaway pizza, before sadly I had to walk Graham to the metro so that he could get back for work.

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