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This beauty was crawling around the clean towels in the bathroom this morning. It’s probably still in there somewhere…

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The Trout

I’ve never queued for a pub before! On Sunday we took mum to The Trout at Wolvercote near Oxford. We arrived at about ten-to-twelve, and there was already a queue of ten or so people waiting at the padlocked gate. By twelve, when the gate was opened, there must have been at least thirty waiting, and so a slightly unseemly dash for tables ensued.

It’s a beautiful pub in a beautiful setting, and we had a lovely lunch by virtue of being early and organised, but I’d hate to get there much after midday and have to queue for half an hour to order food. The reviews at sum things up reasonably.

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On Friday we rented Kinsey. It’s a great film. Not a cinematic masterpiece which needs the big screen, but a well-constructed, well-acted portrait of Alfred Kinsey. Liam Neeson is excellent in the lead role, as is Laura Linney (of ‘Tales of the City’ fame), with good support from Chris O’Donnell and Peter Sarsgaard.

Back from our bank holiday, on Monday we watched Westler which we’d borrowed from friends. Made in 1985 in Berlin, the scenes in the East were filmed in silent Super-8. It’s a fascinating cross between a romance and a documentary, helped along by very sexy and believable leads. The carefully reconstructed details of East German life were somewhat lost on us, but the ten minute DVD feature of extra Super-8 footage with commentary by the director helped explain the significance: the film was broadcast on West German TV and watched by many East Germans.

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Cross words

The highlight from this morning’s Guardian was:

clabby doo
A clabby doo is a large mussel. The words are Gaelic for “black mouth”.
(This from a thread about Scottish Emigrant Songs at The Mudcat Cafe.) Thanks to Jim for unearthing the explanation.

Last night in the pub we were discussing The Mummy Returns and somehow got to wondering what the gender of ‘mummy’ would be in French or Spanish. It doesn’t depend on the sex of the mummified person. I’ve just looked it up, and in Spanish it is ‘la momia’, so feminine even for la momia del Rey Tutankhamun. (Spanish for the other kind of mummy is of course ‘mamá’.)

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Dishwasher despondency

The dishwasher’s broken. It won’t fill after the first wash cycle, so nothing gets rinsed, yuck.

Cleaning out all the bits under the filter didn’t help at all. Maybe Samurai Appliance Repair Man can help, but the introduction makes me squirm!

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A picture of me

Carrying the AUT banner during Pride 2005 in London. Thanks to John for the great picture.

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Cloud Atlas

I recently finished Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. It’s a super book. There has been some criticism that he tries too hard, but whilst I had a slight feeling of literary muscles being over-flexed, the construct and every layer of the story worked for me. Recommended.

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Green Travel

My guilt about the damage done by air travel isn’t quite big enough to stop me yet, but it’s growing. Good to see, then, a page of “low-emission, guilt-free alternatives to flying” in last Saturday’s Travel Guardian.

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Naming nightmare

Problem 1: think of a blog name. Okay, “Three sheets to the wind” is not very original, but it does capture a couple of my interests: sailing and alcohol. Or, more specifically, learning to sail yachts, and enjoying good beer and good wine. Google comes up with quite a good explanation of the name.

And with that, my creative juices for the evening are almost used up.

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